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Entailment is a short, psychological drama, co-produced by Director Cam Smeal and Writer Kate Walter. Entailment will be screened in film festivals in Australia and the rest of the world throughout 2015 and 2016. Shot in 5K, it is available to screen on DCP, BLURAY, DVD, QUICKTIME, MP4 and other formats on request.


A married man cheats with a woman desperate to have a child. He wants to forget it ever happened, but she has plans of her own. When he learns his wife is pregnant, he goes to great lengths to hide his betrayal. Yet when the truth is revealed, it’s what he least expects.

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Bench Mark (Short Film)

A Sci-Fi set in the 60s. A girl must pass her practical exam before becoming an agent for an organisation that corrects moments in history.

Trouble in Paradise (TV Pilot)

A small town Gothic mystery about the most base flaw of humanity: Greed.

Past A Future! (Stage Play)

A high camp comedy that takes a satirical look at two of our competing obsessions: food and fitness.

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